Another asset manager takes the license hurdle

  • Finma: “We can only extend the deadline in individual cases”

An institute based in Zurich submitted to financial supervision in good time. Now it offers a hand for mergers.

Grimaldi & Partners has obtained the approval from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma), which is required until the end of 2022. As the independent asset manager based in Zurich announced, he obtained the license with legal support and in a very short time; the company is now monitored by the supervisory organization (AO) Fincontrol Suisse.

Grimaldi & Partners can thus count themselves among the still small camp of asset managers who have proven that they have the necessary specialist knowledge and an appropriate organization to continue their business activities in accordance with the quality expectations of the legislator and Finma.

High hurdles

Like other players, the Zurich asset manager is now helping out with mergers. As an independently licensed institute, the company has the opportunity to work with other independent asset managers who cannot or do not want to take on the high hurdles of the approval process, but do not see their future with a bank or another financial institution, it said.

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