GRIMALDI & PARTNERS: Stock markets outlook for 2022

Silvano Grimaldi gives you the roadmap to navigate safely through the new stock market year - intact opportunities for investors despite increasing risks.



GRIMALDI & PARTNERS – How will the central banks react to inflation and what effects are to be expected for the financial markets?

The ongoing upward pressure in price developments comes mainly from the supply side due to temporary bottlenecks.



GRIMALDI & PARTNERS – Is the rise in inflation rates just a temporary phenomenon?

The significant increases in the inflation rates measured by consumer price indices in recent months - especially in the USA, D, GB and in some other currency areas - have understandably aroused fears of inflation.



GRIMALDI & PARTNERS - Our proven investment concept (more return - performance-oriented asset management)

A better invested portfolio: The improvement of the return (generating an additional return) through direct investments in quality stocks and first-class bonds is another important step in the successful accumulation of wealth.




GRIMALDI & PARTNERS – Our proven investment concept (fewer risks - risk-conscious asset management)

A better invested portfolio: The minimization of investment risks through transparency in the selection of investments as well as a well thought-out and sustainably structured customer portfolio are key factors in successful asset accumulation.




GRIMALDI & PARTNERS – Our proven investment concept (less costs - a cost-conscious asset management)

A better invested portfolio: Low and performance-based management costs are an important success factor for successful asset accumulation.



GRIMALDI & PARTNERS – Will the euro equity space lag the US equity market again in 2021?

Will the leading role of the US stock markets last in the current year or is a relative strength of the euro area stock markets emerging? Silvano Grimaldi, CEO of the independent asset management company Grimaldi & Partners AG, gives you the answer.



Swiss stock market is attractive

Cedric Spahr is market strategist at the asset managers Grimaldi & Partners. The former Credt Suisse man still sees, despite the recent turmoil good opportunities for stocks.



Stock market rally in autumn?

"New highs in September would be not a surprise to me," says Silvano Grimaldi, CEO of Zurich-based asset manager Grimaldi & Partners AG. However the holiday weeks will be marked by price fluctuations according to Grimaldi.



U.S. elections stimulate stock markets

The financial crisis provides always for opportunities on the equity markets: In September the shares have risen because the European Central Bank and the U.S. Federal Reserve had decided further monetary easing. Cédric Spahr of Grimaldi & Partners Ltd. expected in the next few months, another of these opportunities.



Active Risk Management: The yellow of the egg

Since the financial crisis, investment management has become a major challenge: Interest rates have fallen to record lows, while stocks and commodities are exposed to large price swings. Only active risk management helps genuinely in this environment according to Silvano Grimaldi of Grimaldi & Partners Ltd. »»»