Risk-conscious partner thanks to our independent and neutral market position

Grimaldi & Partners Ltd. is a renowned, independent and neutral asset management company with headquarters in Zurich. The founder, managing director and member of the board of directors is Silvano Grimaldi, a proven asset manager who, with over 25 years of relevant professional experience in the financial industry, enjoys an impeccable reputation. The founder stands with his own name, which he gave Grimaldi & Partners Ltd. for the trust and responsibility towards the customer.

We maintain cooperation with well-known personalities from business and science from Switzerland and abroad. We use the many years of experience and profound specialist knowledge of these experts to generate added value for our customers. Thanks to their independent and neutral position, we receive valuable information to improve our understanding of the expected market development.

The employees of Grimaldi & Partners Ltd. Independent Asset Management, are committed to the well-being of clients with a high level of risk awareness. They are characterized by extensive training and many years of experience in the asset management industry. As entrepreneurial personalities with a high degree of social competence and the highest level of integrity, they feel committed to the goals of our customers.


Reto A. Lyk, Prof. Ph.D. law/Dr.iur. University of Bern
Advisory Board of Grimaldi & Partners Ltd.

Silvano Grimaldi, MSc degree in Economics University of St. Gallen

And more committed employees in the portfolio management, customer care, administration and accounting.



«When I was at the bank, I never had a chance to talk to the bank management. At Grimaldi & Partners I got to know an asset management company in which the main bearers are on an equal footing with the clients. Customer proximity is not just an empty word, but is actively cultivated, something that I missed at my former bank.»